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Yamaha Vmax Forward Controls

Yamaha Vmax Forward Controls

These are precision engineered forward controls for the mighty Vmax, machined from billet aluminium. All pivots are bushed, and all bolts are supplied in stainless. They are a straight swap by simply removing the original footpegs and levers, and then bolt these on. They utilize the original rear brake master cylinder, and also the splined part of the gear linkage. They are chunky and strong, and have a real smooth and precise movement. Please do not compare these with some other cheaper, flimsy, so called 'billet' sets as there really is no comparison. Just look at the thickness of all the parts here and you will see what I mean.

If you have any questions, or wish to see more pictures, please feel free to email
We keep most of the parts in stock, but there is a lot of work in these so please allow 3 weeks for delivery, though we will always aim for less.

Please email for overseas delivery costs. Thanks for looking.

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