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Yamaha Vmax Billet USD Yokes - R1/GSXR etc

Yamaha Vmax Billet USD Yokes - R1/GSXR etc

Billet replacement yokes for the Yamaha Vmax. These babies are designed to take USD legs, and will transform the front end of your beloved Max, while retaining the stylish original accessories such as handlebar clamp / riser assembly, headlight and speedo. They include steering stops and the steering lock slot in the stem. The top yoke has three pairs of stainless clamp bolts, and the bottom yoke has four! Count them...1..2..3.......4! They are chunky and very strong, and offer a complete 'plug & play' swap. When ordering, please specify which legs you wish to fit (R1, GSXR etc), and if you are fitting the whole front end (wheel, brakes etc) or re-fitting the original Vmax front end. Please also note that most USD legs will need extending as they are typically shorter than the originals.Please email for overseas shipping rates.

All our yokes are made to order in Rural England, and typically take 4-6 weeks to make, though it can be as little as 3 weeks, and as much as 9-10 weeks, depending on time of year. Please allow for this when ordering.
If you prefer, we can send you a PayPal invoice for a £100 deposit, and then another for the balance when finished. 
thank you.
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