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Suzuki GSX1400 Billet Fork Brace

Suzuki GSX1400 Billet Fork Brace

This is a fantastic precision engineered billet aluminium fork brace for the GSX1400. 

It's enormously strong, just as it should be for a big muscle bike like the mighty GSX!

Unlike some braces, it is not adjustable, or use parts bolted together to bridge the gap between the legs. These methods are flexible, and therefore defeat the object of a BRACE. This brace has one centre piece and two end clamps. The centre piece is a very complex design as it has to go up and over the mudguard which sits higher than the leg clamps. In order to produce this, we had to perform a lot of 3D cnc machining, and carve it from a big chunk of ally. The result is stunning! You won't find a better looking or performing brace than this. 

Finish is fine machined, and it comes complete with 8 stainless steel clamp bolts.

Putting this brace on your watch list won't make your bike look cool or handle better, but buying it will!

Thank you for your interest and please look out for our other billet parts for the GSX.

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