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Streetfighter Style Foot Pegs

Streetfighter Style Foot Pegs

These are the coolest things you will ever see on a bike! Streetfighter style Foot Pegs! They consist of a precision engineered CNC machined billet Aluminium Alloy body, plus a stainless steel insert that provides the fitting to the bike. This is typically a 'forked' end that allows the peg to pivot upwards, but can also be supplied as a static mount for use on custom bikes with forward contols. The angle of the body is infinitely adjustable, allowing the user to have a narrow peg that is visible from the front and rear, or a flat peg that is visible from above, or anything in between. 

These should not be compared with the vast amount of cheap nasty pegs on the market. They are extremely high quality, and take a long time to make (7 machining operations).


Available to fit most bikes. 

We do not condone their use for anything other than foot pegs.

Price is per pair.

Please allow two weeks for delivery on these. This is due to the fact that there are so many different bikes with different fittings, we have to finish the stainless steel inserts to order. Sorry, but they are well worth the wait!!

Please note, I can not send these to Australia as your customs keep confiscating them!

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