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Raked Triumph Rocket 3 Trike Thug Billet Yokes
  • Raked Triumph Rocket 3 Trike Thug Billet Yokes

    Raked Billet Thug yokes for your Triumph Rocket 3 Trike. These babies will transform the front end of your beloved Trike, incorporating 5 degrees of rake to lighten the steering, while retaining the stylish original accessories such as handlebar clamp / riser assembly, ignition, and headlight via the billet bracket. They include steering stops. The top & bottom yokes have five pairs of stainless clamp bolts! Count them...1..2..3..4.....5! This allows you to drop the legs by a maximum of 40mm, to maintain the ride height after the effect of the 5 degrees of rake. They are chunky and very strong, and offer a complete 'plug & play' swap. We do not recommend using these on a bike as altering the rake & trail can have an adverse effect on the handling.

    All our yokes are made to order in Rural England, and typically take 6-8 weeks to make, though it can be as little as 3 weeks, and as much as 10-12 weeks, depending on time of year. Please allow for this when ordering.

    If you prefer, we can send you a PayPal invoice for a £100 deposit, and then another for the balance when finished.

    thank you.

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