Kawasaki Z900 to Bandit front end Billet Fork Yoke Conversion

Kawasaki Z900 to Bandit front end Billet Fork Yoke Conversion

This is a very neat conversion for your old Kawasaki Z900 (and other 'Z's) to fit a modern Suzuki Mk1 Bandit 1200 front end. Your original Z900 clocks will fit back on, and the whole thing looks very 'in keeping' with the original bike, but performs much better than the original forks and brakes. They include steering stops and stylish billet handlebar risers. Can be supplied without risers for £440. The stem is included, but not bearings, locknut or top bolt. Your originals can be re-used. 

Please note: If you prefer, we can invoice you for a deposit, and then again for the balance when the yokes are finished. If you wish to purchase this way, simply contact us on roy@billetbikebits.com, and state your paypal email address, along with any details relating to the yokes. We will then invoice you for a deposit of £100, and then again for the balance before we ship out.

These are a top quality product made to order in rural England. Please allow us typically 6 weeks for delivery, though it can be as much as 10 weeks when we are extremely busy, but can also be as little as 3 weeks when we are not. It depends on time of year. 


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