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GSX1400 Beastie Billet Yokes
  • GSX1400 Beastie Billet Yokes

    These are the chunkiest yokes we do, and these particular ones are specifically for the GSX1400. They allow the fitment of an USD front end from a GSXR or Hayabusa/TL1000 or similar, by allowing you to drop the legs by up to 50mm.   (typically, USD legs 'sag' less than RWU legs, particularly with the preload wound up, which means you can often allow another 20mm. Please check to see if this is enough!) They clude the mounting points for the ignition and instruments.


    Delivery can vary between 3 and 10 weeks, depending on time of year and how busy we are. You can pay a £100 deposit via PayPal if prefered, and the balance on completion.

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