Fork Leg Extensions - USD Forks

Fork Leg Extensions - USD Forks

Fork leg extentions, designed as an alternative to replacing your forks when seeking a loger front end, or extending USD legs when fitting them to a bike which previously had conventional legs. They have a bored section which accurately slides over your fork legs, with three hidden grubscrews to lock them in place, and a spigot of the same diameter that slides into your top yoke. They include a push fit top cap which, when removed, allows access to air valves etc in the top of the legs. Email us your size requirements, but typically, a 50mm leg will slide 50mm into the extention, plus the amount you wish to extend (for example 50mm). We also need the thickness of the top yoke (for example 25mm). This would give a total length of 100mm, 25mm of which will be the same dia as the leg, so it fits up into the top yoke. Understand? Good! Please email any questions, or your requirements, to


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