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Fork Leg Extensions & Axle Mounts

Fork Leg Extensions & Axle Mounts

I designed these when I needed a pair of long fork legs for my chop, but couldn't afford to buy any new ones. Instead, I bought a pair of Yamaha DT125 legs (cheap as chips as there are plenty on ebay). I intended to put the tubes into my original sliders, but when I stripped them down, I discovered the extra length was in the sliders, and the tubes were about the same length! I didn't want to use the whole legs off the dirtbike as the sliders go down several inches below the axle, and would look odd. I decided to machine off all the bits that I didn't need, including the axle mounts. This can be done with a hacksaw and an angle grinder. I then turned the ends down a little to give an accurate fit (48.5mm, done on an old manual lathe) and produced these extensions that slide onto the ends, thus moving the axle mount to the end of the sliders. This adds several inches to the length from the top of the tubes to the axle, and also leaves the caliper mounting lugs about the right distance from the axle for a modern 300mm+ disc (dirtbikes have much smaller discs). These extensions are held on with the bolt in the end that goes right thru into the damper (sealing with an 'O'ring, and also with two stainless steel pinch bolts on the back. The axle hole (17mm diameter, but can be made different size) also has two pinch bolts hidden in the bottom. If you are building a chop and can't find any sensibly priced forks, these can convert a pair of cheap dirt bike legs into chunky and long chopper legs.

Price is for a pair. Fork slider in picture not included.


If you have any questions, please contact me on or Tel: 07793677736

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