'F**k Off' Billet Reservoir Caps for Suzuki Bandit, GSXR, Busa

Ever just wanted to be left alone? Why don't you fit a pair of these on your bike, and send out a clear message!
This a pair of CNC machined billet aluminium Reservoir Caps for the Suzuki Bandit 1200 and many other Suzukis with the 73x42 rectangular master cylinders. They are precision engineered, and not to be confused with the many caps on the market which are just cast ones that have been polished up and have a design printed on the top. The 'message' is engraved into the top, and the finish is as it comes off the machine, enabling you to then have it polished or anodised to taste. Also comes complete with four stainless screws (not shown) to replace the original. Please email any questions to roy@billetbikebits.com


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