Ducati Monster 'Sit Up' Riser Conversion

Ducati Monster 'Sit Up' Riser Conversion

If you ride a Ducati Monster (or anything else with 80mm x 32mm clamp hole spacings) and you struggle to reach the bars comfortably, then this product will help. It raises the bars 32mm (1 1/4") and moves them back towards the rider 25mm (1"). This greatly reduces the amount you have to reach passed that enormous fuel tank. Not only this, but because you are able to sit up more, it also helps your feet reach the floor more easily, and if that still isn't enough (wow you're small!), because the bars sit higher, the fork legs can be slid up through the yokes, lowering the front of the bike! It's made of 5 pieces, 2 lower riser halves which bolt to the yokes in place of the original ones. Then the two riser upper halves bolt to them, and finally the cool looking cnc machined clamp bolts down onto them. Available polished or gold anodised. Utilizes two of the original bolts, and the rest are supplied with the kit. Any questions, please email us at info@billetbikebits.com


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