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Captain America

Captain America

If you have ever fancied owning the most iconic chopper ever built, as ridden by Peter Fonda in the movie Easy Rider, we can build you a replica. You supply the donor bike, which can be any chain-drive V-twin, (though if you want it to be really authentic, a Harley Panhead) and we will build you one just like this one. This particular one is a pretty much exact copy, other than the inclusion of a small front brake, to comply with British law. The above price does not include an engine rebuild. If it smokes when you give it to us, it will still smake when we give it back! This deal relies on the donor bike having some parts that we can re-use, and modify, as we see fit.


Why don't you drop us an email to, or give us a call on 07793677736, for a chat. Our work can be seen on

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