Chunky Risers - for 1 1/8" Renthal Fat Bars

Chunky Risers - for 1 1/8" Renthal Fat Bars

These are really chunky handlebar risers, cnc machined from billet aluminium. They are 21mm thick, 55mm deep, and hold the bars 50mm high. The clamps use 2 x M8 bolts (included) in each, and have single M10 mounting bolts in the bottom. This means they can be fitted to any yokes that use the typical 10mm fittings, or if you are turning your sports bike into a streetfighter, simply drill a couple of 10mm holes in your top yoke and bolt these babies on! A fraction of the cost of new yokes! Supplied in a machined finish. For 1 1/8" bars, such as Renthal Fat Bars.


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