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If you supply the donor bike, we can build you a custom built Old Skool Bobber, like this one. Your choice of engine, and any paint job you like (as long as you can describe it). As long as the chassis doesn't differ from our specification, we can build your dream bike. The price is based on being able to use certain parts off the donor bike, including the forks, and having a custom pain job that isn't too complicated. Options are available at extra cost, such as a far more complex paint job, our own stailess steel springer forks (as in the picture), and anything else you desire for your bike. The above price does not include an engine rebuild. If it smokes when you give it to us, it will still smake when we give it back!


Why don't you drop us an email to, or give us a call on 07793677736, for a chat. Our work can be seen on

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