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Billet Yokes - Suzuki GSX1400

Billet Yokes - Suzuki GSX1400

CNC machined Fork Yokes for the Suzuki GSX1400. These are chunky and strong. Designed to take the standard 46mm fork legs. Bottom yoke has 3 sets of stainless steel clamp bolts, and the top yoke has 2 sets. Top yoke has 10.5 holes to accept the original risers or aftermarket ones. Please see our range. Does not include stem nuts but the originals will fit. Any questions, please email

If you wish to fit USD forks to your GSX1400, please see our 'GSX1400 Thug Yokes'


Important Note: Please specify if your bike is the earlier model (up to 2004) with conventional ignition switch, or the later version (2005 onwards) with immobiliser module fitted to the top of the ignition, and the fatter key.
All our yokes are made to order in Rural England, and typically take 4-6 weeks to make, though it can be as little as 3 weeks, and as much as 9-10 weeks, depending on time of year. Please allow for this when ordering.
If you prefer, we can send you a PayPal invoice for a £100 deposit, and then another for the balance when finished.
thank you.

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