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Billet 'Reverse Thug' Yokes made for any bike

Billet 'Reverse Thug' Yokes made for any bike

Billet 'Reverse Thug' yokes custom made for any bike, designed to take USD legs (such as R1's, GSXR's etc), wheel, brakes etc. They are named 'Reverse Thug' as our normal Thug yokes have the clamp bolts at the rear, where as these have them at the front, in full view. They can be used to convert your front end from conventional to USD. These babies will transform the front end of your bike. They include steering stops and ignition & clock mounts if required (ignore the extra hole in the bottom yoke pictured, this was for a special headlight mount). The top yoke is deep enough to slide the legs through up to 50mm, to allow for them being shorter than the original legs(typically, USD legs 'sag' less than RWU legs, particularly with the preload wound up, which means you can often allow another 20mm. Please check to see if this is enough!) . They are chunky and very strong, and have 5 pairs of stainless clamp bolts in each.
All our yokes are made to order in Rural England, and typically take 4-6 weeks to make, though it can be as little as 3 weeks, and as much as 9-10 weeks, depending on time of year. Please allow for this when ordering.
If you prefer, we can send you a PayPal invoice for a £100 deposit, and then another for the balance when finished.
thank you.

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